About Us
About Us

Shilpkaari provides all types of creative services and handmade tribal artifacts under one platform. In products we provide handicrafts products from dhokra art to bamboo crafts.

In services we provide different art wall paintings to resort building and designing to creative works required in events.

Our products ranges between sculpture to Handloom apparels. Shilpkaari is the Maker's Market. We are the platform for unique furniture, art, craft, fashion and home decor created by artisans across India. Not only are we a collector's dream, but also a makers' hub. We are your source of products that are not mass-produced, that have individuality and character and cater to connoisseurs of the same.

Our makers market is the perfect place to find products that match your personality and aren't mass-produced. Read about the people behind your favourite purchases and even interact with them when you want something customised.

What we are doing?

1. We provide different types of products in categories like Dokhra, Home décor , Metal Craft, Terracotta , Metal Painting . Tribal Paintings , wood crafts, Macrame Art, Clay Art, Stone Art, etc

2. We provide really unique and indigenous interiors for homes. restaurants, Hotels , corporates and different offices.

3. We also provide huge range of corporate gifts and artistic lights. We supply handicrafts to different gift stores across india in lesser price.



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